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About Us

Farm Girl Quilting was born after Angie's son left for the Army and she needed something besides her full time job to keep her mind busy. Keep in mind she had no idea how to sew - much less quilt! So a friend suggested they take a beginning quilting class. Angie called her BFF Beverly to see if she wanted to go- of course she did. Bev comes from a long line of quilters and she loved the idea of being able to pass that tradition down to her kids and grandkids. It was at this class that they met Tammie - the 3 quickly hit it off and each week would come together to quilt and enjoy each other's company. It was during these weekly visits that they would share the highs and lows of life... isn't that what quilting is all about? Think back to the days when women would sit around and solve life problems around a hand quilting stand. A little different but still the same. During one of these Tuesday night quilting sessions they planned an epic quilting road trip. Just the girls and Moma Pat. Every stop along the way we would talk about when we open our quilt store we will do this or we would do that. So the dream was born in Spring of 2019. Here we are summer of 2020 making it a reality. Farm Girl Quilting(Angie) will still exist for memory quilts and long arm services, as well as Bee-lieve Quilts (Beverly) and Quiltagious (Tammie), but for all of your other Fabric and notion needs- Farm Girl Quilting 3 will be here. We love that we all 3 have different likes and styles...for example, Tammie aspires to be a fabric designer someday- she loves bright colors and sews 90 MPH and doesn't follow the rules or much less a pattern! Angie is more the old soul of the trio and loves all things vintage, while Bev will be the pattern designer for our group and loves all things Bee related. Thanks for reading a little about our story, please sign up on the homepage for our newsletter so you can be notified of our weekly live sale events. Happy Quilting! Angie, Bev and Tammie.